It starts with a little knowledge, a little inspiration and a little dedication. Enjoy that you are working with a living thing, cherish the changes and make necessary adjustments. You will get it just right and love the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful healthy plants and thriving moss. Awareness and enjoyment is key!


Care FAQ

How do I carefully collect moss locally?

The trick is… remember where you collected your moss! This environment will inform you on exactly what your Sanctuary needs. Super damp (like the Fontinalis) or well drained (like the Dicranum). Indirect sun, or none at all? Take note of the environment and you are set.

  • Rescuing Moss: Remove it from places it would inevitably be destroyed.
  • Please remember, not to take moss from protected forests or parks.
  • Harvesting from your property: Take only small sections, leave enough for colonies to recover. You only need of 6-7cm in diameter of moss to fill Sanctuary.

What temperatures work best for moss?

Moss will enjoy room temperatures lower than 21C (68.8F). Mist moss when fronds are rope-like and dry. Mist when Sanctuary is cool rather than warm to avoid mould. You can even put Sanctuary in the fridge on a hot day as it survives cooler temps better than the heat.

Best light conditions for moss?

Sunlight is needed by the moss to generate energy that will allow the moss to grow. Roughly 2-3 hours for our low light moss.

Northern, early morning dappled sunlight is best as afternoon sun can be too hot for moss under glass. Remember the moss enjoys natural light but not heat.

Artificial light may also be used, a light that's between 1w-20w is enough. We don't want to burn the fronds either.

For most mosses around 3000 lux or 300 foot candles is sufficient.

Filtered water or tap?

Be sure to use filtered water as opposed to tap, since tap water can contain too much chlorine and can turn your moss brown.

Soil conditions

For outdoors, many moss experts suggest acidic soil but indoor moss is highly adaptable and can grow in acid, neutral and even alkaline soils.

Looking for hands-on assistance?

get in touch to speak with us directly or register for one of our workshops below!


FEE $30.00   DURATION 2.5 hours

Learn the fundamental visual elements of terrarium making using techniques inspired by technicians all over the world. We will cover conceptualisation with hand sketching, plant suitability, design rules and building.

Entry fee covers the tutorial and build. Your terrarium may be purchased at the end of the session if you wish. Participants recieve 15% off all purchases.

DATE: Wednesday October 12th 6pm

Caters to Adults of all experience levels



FEE $10.00   DURATION 2 hours

Designed for kids, learn the basics of terrarium making, how to make layers of a terrarium using elements in the garden. We will cover basic sketching/planing and build a fun terrarium story with figurines. Let your imagination run free.

Entry fee covers the tutorial and hands on build. The terrarium may be purchased at the end of the session if you wish. Participants recieve 15% off all purchases.

DATE: Saturday October 15th 10am

Caters for children aged 5-10 yrs


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