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What is MossWhat-is-Moss-Botanica


The only pot you will ever need. A family of colourful cache designs demonstrating self watering at its best. Multiple colours available to perfectly suit your new Sanctuary too!


The Sanctuary M Collection

Your desktop rainforest.

Sanctuary Rainforest is a medium sized mossarium designed to bring life to your space. This closed mossarium enjoys a cool spot and minimal water to thrive. Easy! With 7 bases to choose from there’s a rainforest for everyone.


Flower Care

Connect your plant and your phone. For real.

Flower Care helps you learn what your plants need. Drop it into the soil, pair the device with your phone app and you’re on your way to healthy, happy plants.


With Biodome, seeing is believing.

Uniquely individual and hand made.

This special piece of art will astonish you daily. A vessel to display precious plants, magnify their beauty and provide joy at every glance.