About Us

The beginning.

After many long and joyful bush walks through the Adelaide Hills, these four curious designers began identifying mosses to better understand their growth and sustainability. From their backyard to indoors, moss became a growing feature of their contemporary home and in order to house their delicate findings they needed glassware that was both uniquely their style and functional. Satisfying both a passion for nature and minimalism, Botanica and its loved collections were born.

Botanica Boutique is an Australian design duo specialising in object creation for the style conscious and miniature garden lover. We are proudly local, environmentally conscious in all aspects of business and aim to manufactutre with high local content.

EST 2016

Based in South Australia, we have grown from a Kickstarter campaign to a brand that is loved all over the world. From the beginning, our mission has been to bring the outside in, in a way that encourages us to be intentional with our design, to find joy in maintenance and daily routines and to respond to what our customers are wanting in a collection.
Botanica reaches all types of plant lovers, aquascapers and gardeners alike and offers a range of designs that can help grow, propagate and cultivate a range of plants and moss in a way that champions minimal design aesthetic.


We will continue growing so that our offering can reach more people to make planting fun for everyone.

Let's learn together.

Contact Us

Lesley Williams

Hello, I'm Lesley Williams, designer and founder of Botanica. I share a passion for connecting with people over their creative endevours, especially plants. I run local workshops in Adelaide and am availalable to answer any questions if you are stuck. When you make a call or inquiry you'll hear from me!

Botanica is an online store with stockists dotted around the globe. If you would like to become a valued stockist too, I invite you to contact me directly.

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