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Temperate is an open top design that loves a regular water schedule, dappled light and removal of fallen leaves. With these three things in mind, here are some starter tips to create your happy Temperate environment.


Water when top soil is dry


Enjoys natural light, not full sun.


Prune dead leaves as required

Setting Up

  1. Select 3 small terrarium plants with similar needs. Imagine each plant simulating the role of either the canopy, understory or shrub layer of the rainforest.
  2. Create a thin drainage layer using activated charcoal and pebbles.
  3. Remove plants from pots and arrange into insert. As you hold the plants in position, gently add and compact soil.
  4. Decorate portions of the soil surface with small stones. Leave some areas to check soil moisture. Keep the perimeter free so the glass top can locate.
  5. Mist over the soil with filtered water and place the glass top over your creation.
  6. Choose a position for your Temperate that has natural light but avoid direct sun. Water according to the care instructions from the plant tags.
  7. Stay in tune with your plants by observing your terrarium daily. Enjoy the time it takes to prune and water, be present and your Temperate plants will reward you with months and years of beauty.

Additional Tips

  • On average a cup of water a week is a good amount to keep soil moist. Water more if soil is drying out frequently or move into a cooler position. Avoid positioning under aircon or in full sun.

Styling Ideas

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