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Sanctuary maintains a controlled environment so no matter what your climate, you can enjoy a bit of easy care nature indoors. Here are a few tips to help you get things started.




 Designed in Australia
by Simon Zappia & Lesley Williams


What is included: Sanctuary, microfibre cloth bag, mister. Gift Packaging
Materials: Acrylic top, Soft silicon Base.
Care: Use water and your microfibre bag to clean the lid.
Do not use any chemicals to clean Sanctuary parts.
Sanctuary S is ⊘90 x 87mm

Place moss over the domed base, tuck in around the perimeter and gently break away any excess moss.
Mist lightly with distilled or rainwater and place top. The vents on the side provide variable airflow.
For happy moss, choose a position for your Sanctuary that has natural light for at least 2 hours a day, out of direct sunlight.
Moss receives its nutrients through its tiny leaves. Watch the condensation naturally hydrate the moss foliage and drop from the top’s conical profile.
Water when moss appears dry or when condensation ceases forming.
Be sure to lift the lid regularly to check on moisture levels and allow the terrarium gasses to balance.
Pay attention to the effects of air-conditioning and the seasons and stay in tune with your Sanctuary by reading condensation cues.

The micro-climate

The idea of a micro climate or mini ecosystem is that we are attempting to replicate nature in a miniature way. Plants or mosses in a closed terrarium are generally unaffected by outside conditions, also moisture can be maintain or controlled and the water cycle begins. As long as Sanctuary is out of direct sunlight and not a position where it can overheat and therefore produce mould or begin to decay, Sanctuary is a wonderful,


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