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Setting up your Biodome

Biodome Carrara
  1. Collect your plants, 2-3 small terrarium plants will work best (see here for plant ideas)
  2. Shake off any excess soil.
  3. Fill the base with some small stones and activated charcoal.
  4. Place your taller plants off centre clear of the glass flute, gently press down soil around the plants.
  5. Use large decorative stones and soil to arrange and hold the plants in place.
  6. Pack down soil.
  7. You may fill any voids around the plants with stones, leaving 1 centimetre clearance around the edge where the glass top rests.
  8. Style with moss.
  9. Give the arrangement a good misting and water.
  10. Ensure stones are not protruding over the edge where the glass will rest.
  11. Gently locate and place the glass top.

Biodome enjoys regular misting of moss and the bottom of plants.

Leaves that are touching the glass, and are wet, may begin to brown. Trim these back if you prefer or let them break down on their own.

Once a week leaving the lid off for half a day gives Biodome plants a good burst of fresh air and helps eliminate any odours caused by plant breakdown.

Dieffenbachia, Fittonia, Syngonium

Cordyline, Fern-Boston, Peace Lilly

 Try minature Palms, Ferns and African Violets too!