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Milo Baby Table Lamp


At 25 x38cm, Milo Baby by Lightovo is the perfect pendant for any interior. The lamp was created to put plants on a pedestal, bring us closer to nature and teach us how to be more sensitive to plant’s needs. A vision we here at Botanica certainly resonate with. Milo Baby gives extra light to the plants so you can enjoy their beauty at any time, day or night. Note image shows white cord, only black available.


mouthblown glass lampshade
LED light source 5,5 Watt
cable 0,75 x 2m ***black only***
* lamp doesn’t include light source


In stock

Milo is a lamp, a display case and a mini-greenhouse all in one. An interior glass lampshade available in table lamp or pendant versions. Pop in your favorite indoor plants, sit it on a side table or shelf, as well as set up as a hanging pendant, so you can make this work for different types of rooms and interiors.



LED gu10 5,5 Watt
voltage 230 50Hz
protection class II