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Plants and Terrariums

Sanctuary S and Sanctuary M Rainforest (Closed Top) are designed to hold moss specifically, but we have trialled these plants successfully in the closed system. These will need weekly ventilation to survive.

A list of terrarium plants that you may like to try:

– Venus Fly Trap
– Sundew
– Plant Nepenthes- Insect Trap Basket
– African violets (Saintpaulia spp.)
– Baby’s tears (Soleirolia soleirolii)
– Small ferns and the polka dot plant or freckleface (Hypoestes).
– Begonias
– Mini Bromeliads
– Club Mosses (great if you wanted a bit more height- better option than adding another plant)

(if you are using M for plants other than moss we recommend purchasing the plant insert)

A list of terrarium plants that you may like to try for the new Sanctuary M Temperate (Open Top):

– Philodendron
– Peperomia
– Piles
– Bromeliads
– Small orchids and Ferns
– Rex Begonia
– Aluminum Plant
– Pathos
– Baby Tears
– Mini English Ivy
– Small Airplanes
– Spike Mosses or Selaginella
– Club Mosses (great if you wanted a bit more height- better option than adding another plant)

Happy creating!

Have some questions about plants and Sanctuary terrarium design? Here is a short Q&A that may assist.

How much can you fit into one of your terrariums? How does it work?

It’s all about composition and less in more, not about cramming in as much as possible. 1 small plant, maybe 2 but try to plan ahead and use negative space to your advantage. A minimal design looks great in Sanctuary.

As you can see from our site we have the small Sanctuary S mossariums and the medium sized Sanctuary M which services 3 micro climates for moss, moisture loving plants and also succulents. Feedback from our customers was that they didn’t always want to just display moss… so we have adapted our designs to accomodate this. Choose water loving plants predominately but now with the 3 micro climates you can experiment with any small plant.

How long does it take to make a terrarium start to finish?

Sanctuary M Temperate, usually 10 mins but it depends on the design. The benefit of the Sanctuary design is that you create in the insert first, you don’t need to reach inside the glass bowl to manoeuvre your small plants. Just add the glass top and base at the end. This saves a lot of time and keeps all of the materials clean. We have based Sanctuary on the ‘cloche’ style terrarium.

Are Sanctuaries hard to maintain? Do they need watering etc?

Mossariums are great for low maintenance greenery. They will condensate a little more in warmer months and may require weekly ventilation- top off- depending on the plant and location of the vessel. Terrariums need a little more care in that the water cycle is compromised by the open top but if you mist every few days it lasts and grows beautifully.

How do you create a microclimate for the open terrarium?

A small layer of stones on the base layer, activated charcoal to purify the system, sand or minimal soil, plants.. then pop the top on.

Being Adelaide/Australia based, can you post your products?

We post internationally, we do also sell the moss but are limited to the states we can ship to.See our site for more details. If you need small terrarium plants too, you can contact us at and we can get you in touch with a nursery near you.