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The Skye Hanging is a self watering hanging pot that stops your plants having wet feet and allows air to filtrate the soil. The underside of the pot is free from drainage holes, giving the pot a clean, minimal look that doesn't drip water on to the carpet. The straw aerates the root system and water reservoir. Made from spun aluminium and easy to hang, this pot comes with 3 heavy duty ropes and a variety of colour options.

Diameter: 350mm

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The perforated aluminium base plate acts as a drainage layer for the plant and also stops the roots from directly sitting in water. The straw aerates the root system and water reservoir and acts as a store for hydration.

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Setting up Skye Hanging
Setting up Skye Hanging

As seen on HouseRules, the Skye Hanger is a self watering pot that stops your plants having wet feet! In a few simple steps, have your Skye pot up and running!

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