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Biodome Nero

$195.0 inc gst

Biodome in Nero Marquina marble is a stunning vivarium that magnifies the beauty of ferns, small plants and mosses under its glass dome.

The dome has been carefully designed with an opening in the top to enable watering and airflow, making it conducive to both temperate and tropical plants. Succulents also flourish with minimal watering.

Glass semi-open top
Nero Marquina marble base and cork pad
Cork Seal
Watering mister,
Microfibre cloth
Retail gift packaging / natural box with copper foil details.
*Plants sold separately


Aerate once a week
2 hours of natural light a day works a treat (no direct sun)
Mist every three days and add about a shot glass of water around the base of each plant
You can trim back over grown leaves as your terrarium grows beautiful and wild as delicate leaves touching the glass may start to brown.
Every 3 months dilute 1 teaspoon of liquid fertiliser with your watering shots.
Contact us if you ever need assistance 🙂



Collect your plants, 2-3 small terrarium plants will work best (see here for plant ideas).
Ensure they have had a good water and shake off any soil not supporting root system.
Fill the base with some stones and activated charcoal for drainage.
Place your taller plants off centre clear of the glass flute, gently press down soil around the plants.
Use large decorative stones and soil to arrange and hold the plants in place.
Gently pack down soil (add soil if need be).
You may fill like to fill any voids around the plants with stones, leaving 1 centimetre clearance around the edge where the glass top rests.
Style with moss.
Give the arrangement a good misting and water. Some plants are sensitive to water on their leaves. Try to avoid leaves such as maiden hair fern touching the glass. This will minimise browning.
Ensure stones are not protruding over the edge where the glass will rest.
Gently locate and place the glass top.