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  • Sanctuary M and Condensation

    Experiencing lots of condensation? Condensation is a natural part of a closed terrarium system and is part of the appeal of the teardrop lid profile (as droplets form on the lids conical profile). The weather/season, room temperature and proximity to a warm sunlit window will all play a part in how much condensation forms each …

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  • Life Instyle Sydney

    Join us in Sydney! FIRST INSTYLE: The countdown is on! Come and see us debut at First Instyle SYDNEY 16-19 Feb – if you are after new and unique then that’s exactly what you will find amongst us and other emerging designers that form up a collective of stellar ‘ones to watch’ at Life Instyle. Registration is …

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  • USA potential stockists we invite you.

    🌱S A N C T U A R Y🌱 is coming to the US. Our collection will be on display in NYC and LA for the month of Feb at the following locations. LA you can view the Sanctuary S & M collection at the LA Mart Gift + Home + Design Market. February 15-20, 2017 LA …

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  • Kickstarter 7 days to go

    Sanctuary M is the latest creation by BOTANICA, with 3 microclimates to choose from to suit the specific needs of your favourite bryophyte or terrarium plants.  We like to keep plants inside with us because amongst other powerful attributes, it is proven that plants improve our wellbeing. But caring for your urban jungle isn’t always …

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  • Medium Pre-Launch at Brick+Mortar Creative Hub

    See pics from our recent event at Brick+Mortar Creative where guests could view new ranges and get their hands dirty. Visit the links below:

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  •  Moss and Plants: The biological Monitors of Contamination 

      Moss and other plants contribute greatly to our health as they absorb and convert pollutants in our air. These clever plants and bryophytes are helping researchers identify contamination in our local areas and helping us feel better by protecting us from some classes of carcinogens.   As moss gets all of it’s nutrients from the air, not only does it …

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  • Volume 1: Issue1  B A S I C S 

    A B S T R A C T Welcome to Botanica Life. Botanica Life chronicles the lifestyle of bringing the outdoors indoors. Botanica shares its knowledge in the science of making mossariums and caring for indoor plants so you can grow your Sanctuary the way nature intended. Botanica Life Volume 1 is dedicated to the basics of …

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  • Happy Mothers Day!

    Indoor plants take me back to my childhood. As a design house we didn’t initially set out to sell plants but there are a few that we have included in our range to compliment the pots that are about to come. I remember my mum having the most amazing planters and hanging macrame pots filled with giant leaves when we …

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  • You need a plant break.

    Enjoy plants as part of your routine break… and if you don’t have a routine (I’m guilty) then invest in a few easy care plants and get started.

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